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Organic Pharma’s Diosmin Specifications

Diosmin Powder (80 mesh)

Diosmin Granule (40-60 mesh)

Diosmin Micronized Granule (40-60 mesh)

Product Name


Assay (HPLC)


Specification A

Powder (80 mesh), Special is OK

Specification B

Granule (40-60 mesh), Special is OK

Specification C

Micronized Granule (40-60 mesh), Special is OK


Greyish-yellow or light yellow


Practically insoluble in water, soluble in dimethyl sulphoxide, practically insoluble in alcohol. It dissolves in dilute solutions of alkali hydroxides.


Pharmaceutical Raw Material

Plant part used

Citrus Aurantium L.

Main Functions

Diosmin is used as a remedy for the following health concerns:

-Chronic venous insufficiency



-High blood pressure

-Lymphedema (swelling of the arms)

-Premenstrual syndrome

-Ulcerative colitis

-Varicose veins

Organic Pharma’s Diosmin

Diosmin (diosmetin 7-O-rutinoside), a flavone derivative also known as venosmine, is a glycoside of diosmetin, which in turn is the 4'-methoxy derivative of luteolin. Diosmin is naturally occurring, mainly in the citrus family rutaceae.

Due to high demand for pharmaceutical use, it is also made semi-synthetically by dehydrogenation of hesperidin, e.g. with iodine in pyridine. Diosmin has 10 stereocenters. It is an oral phlebotropic drug used in the treatment of venous disease, i.e., chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) including spider and varicose veins, leg swelling (edema), stasis dermatitis and venous ulcers. It is also used as a stand-alone or surgical adjunctive therapy in hemorrhoidal disease (HD).

There are extensive clinical trials that show Diosmin improves all stages of venous disease including venous ulcers and improves quality of life. Diosmin has been found to be effective in mitigating hyperglycemia in diabetic rats. It is also speculated that Diosmin might have potential in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, and its anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic activity has been demonstrated in neuronal cells, in vitro.

Organic Pharma’s Citrus Plantation Base

We work with local farmers to provide them with citrus seedlings to help them grow citrus. After the citrus is ripe, we will buy citrus fruits from them. To ensure the stable quality of raw material, and reach the quality requirements ( high content of main ingredients, low pesticide and heavy metal residue), local farmers are well trained to control and monitor seedling, transplant, top dressing, preventing and curing of plant disease and insect pests during planting production. A comprehensive, high standard, traceable planting control system is built to assure the quality of citrus.

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Organic Pharma’s Diosmin Specifications

Diosmin Powder (80 mesh)

Diosmin Granule (40-60 mesh)

Diosmin Micronized Granule (40-60 mesh)

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